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In 1984, Australian Sea Heritage magazine was launched by Sydney Maritime Museum (Sydney Heritage Fleet). For more than thirty years ASH, as the magazine was known colloquially, published articles about Australia’s maritime heritage. Its editorial coverage was broad and the magazine always had a modest in number, but devoted, core of readers.

Sadly, the costs of publishing magazines with small circulations rose steadily during ASH’s life and in 2015 the moment came when continuing to print the magazine was considered no longer viable. As a not-for-profit organisation, Sydney Heritage Fleet found the costs of the printed publication were just too high. But there is an undoubted continuing place and interest in the information which Australian Sea Heritage brought to its readers.

And so this electronic ‘blog’ version of ASH was created with the aim of continuing to make available periodic maritime heritage articles of interest online.

The ASHonline editorial team hopes you enjoy the electronic format and find the material published of continuing interest.

To contact the ASHonline editorial team, send an email to

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All views expressed in the editorial content of ASHonline are those of the authors of the articles.

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